MGID is a great native ads network and also a great google Adsense alternate too. Mgid is really so popular due to his native recirculating system.

For its a recirculating system, the publisher can earn not only from MGID. But also they can earn from Google Adsense. MGID is a company of native ads company. The system they give ads that are called native ads. There are many ads networks that show only and only ads. But Mgid is not like that. MGID shows the ads of the advertiser and also shows the posts of the publishers. 

The advertisers of the MGID network are affiliate network. So that’s why the ads of MGID wants to sell something. But you can’t believe that the quality of the article about MGID ads is too attractive. They just catch our eyes. And make us too trust.

MGID CPM rates

CPM = Cost Per Mile. Means – cost per thousand views. There is many native ads networks almost every native ad network work on CPC model. But on the other hand, MGID works on CPM and CPC model.

The CPM rate of MGID is very good. The speciality of mind is, it gives a quality CPM rate to the low tier countries. Which is really awesome.

For tier-1 countries (like – united states, united kingdom, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada) MGID provide $3 - $5 CPM rates.

And for tier 2 & 3 countries like Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan etc countries, MGID gives $1 - $3 CPM rates. Which is a really very good rate. Though this rate is not so comfortable rate as compare to AdSense CPM rate. Whatever, the other ad networks don’t give CPM like MGID.

MGID Ad type-

MGID ad type is a Native ad network. IT means the ads are just like some feature posts. There are two specialities of MGID ads. They are – MGID show their ads on the related article. Suppose you have a blog of tech website. And if you put ad code there, then you will be seen ads on tech.

The second is – MGID ads system is recirculating ads. It means MGID shows ads not only the advertisers ads but also they share the publishers ads too.

The benefit of Recirculating ads

Do you know the advantages of recirculating ads? 

If no, then read.

When the recirculating ads appear to your blog, there will be shown the ads and the posts of your articles very attractively. So the viewers of your website surely make a click on the ads and also the articles too.

So you can get the extra earning with Adsense. And for every click, you will get some little profit.

Do MGID: Spam or Legit

There is many new publishers, who just think that “Do MGID Legit?”

This is a common question to all. Because they are new publishers and that’s why they could not able to gain millions of traffic to their blog.

Also, because of their low traffic, they think to earn some more cash with Adsense. So they search on the internet best Adsense alternatives.

Now when they find any network, they think that “Do this ad network pay me?”

By searching on internet best Adsense alternatives, they find an AdSense alternative called MGID. Now they search MGID history and legit or not.

The answer is, MGID is totally 100% sure a Legit ad network. It is paying money to the publishers from 16 years. That’s why MGID is running for 16 years.

You can use MGID as the passive income of AdSense. Many YouTubers and bloggers are earning money from MGID. That’s why much popular news website and tech websites are using MGID.

I also earned money from MGID through event blogging. The earning is really awesome. I earned the money from only 5 days. The CPM rate was really too great. My event blog was on Happy Diwali. So, the maximum number of traffic came from India. Though the traffic was from India, I earned a huge amount of money. I earned $132 only within 3 days. You can’t believe that, when I used MGID my Adsense earning really increase 30% more. My Adsense earning was 300$ then. But with that traffic, I usually could earn from Adsense with that traffic only $210.


How much you can earn from MGID?

If you believe me, then I would tell you that, there is no limit to earning money from MGID. You can earn money unlimited. But due to some payment method, the minimum earning should be $50.

You can earn money really unlimited. There are also many payment methods to get paid money. I am a lazy blogger. That’s why I could earn only $132. But I am sure that you are an active and hard-working blogger. And you can earn $1000+ money from


Suppose you have earned a huge amount of money from MGID. Suppose, you earned $10000 money on MGID. Now the money is virtual. You need to get the money to your hand. If you don’t get the money to your hand, then the money is totally meaningless.

So to withdraw the earned money, you need a method means wallet. With that, you can transfer your money to your bank.

And the payment methods of MGID are –

  • PayPal
  • ePayment
  • Wire
  • Webmoney

What is the minimum payout of MGID?

Mgid provides 4 types of payment methods. But with that, you can’t withdraw money lower. There is a minimum amount to withdraw money.

The minimum amount of payout is different for different payment methods.


1.    Paypal - $100 minimum

2.    ePayment - $100 minimum

3.    Wire - $1000 minimum

4.    Webmoney - $50 minimum

MGID Payment Proof 2020-

Here is the payment proof that I got payment from MGID.

mgid payment proof

Seeing this screenshot, you must be sure about that MGID is a Legit ad network. It makes payment to the publishers.

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Final words

MGID is really a great ad network. I liked it. Because it’s the approval process is really easy. On the other hand the other native ad networks, approval is too hard. But MGID is really easy to approve.

Also, it gives us the payment and its CPM rate is really good for all types of countries. That’s why publishers of all-around then the world can work here.

And the good news for MGID publishers is- there are no bad reports on MGID. Also, MGID has no payment issue. That’s why it is best.

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