How to create a Telegram Channel on iPhone & Android 2020

Hello friends how are you? I hope you are well. Today I want to tell you how you can open the telegram channel in the right way and that too on your mobile phone or your iPhone.

You may have heard of the YouTube channel for so long, but now the telegram channel can be opened completely good rules. Today I am going to tell you. 

Disclaimer: In this article, I won’t show you how to create a telegram channel on the desktop.

Before I start, I want to answer some questions. 

Can the Telegram channel be opened on the iPhone?

 Of course, I can tell you that you can also open your iPhone through mobile, it will not be a problem.

What do I need to do before opening a telegram channel?

  The rules for opening your YouTube channel are the same in the beginning. But the telegram channel is much easier than YouTube. 

You don't need much to open a channel, you just need your mobile or iPhone and a good internet connection and the official application of Telegram and nothing else.

 Does it cost money to open a telegram channel?

 No money for opening the telegram channel. it is free you can only open with the telegram app and internet.

 What is the meaning of opening a telegram channel?

 You may or may not get the money, but it is good to know that Telegram not pay money like YouTube. You can earn money indirectly. I have written an article about how you can do this. If you want, you can come and see. In Youtube, You need to Fastest way to approve Adsense 2020, But telegram has no problem.

How to open a telegram account.

   Opening a telegram account will become much easier with your name and mobile your telegram account is opened.

How to open a telegram channel?

  If you want to open a telegram channel, follow these steps-

First of all, Create a telegram account

So let's talk about how to open a telegram channel.

  • You can open a telegram channel if you want by following the rules given below.
  • The first rule is that you have to go to the official app of Telegram and Click on the menu button
  • Then Click on the new channel button 
  • Then you get two options. there one is channel name and the other is the description. You can enter your name and description in the Channel Name and description and add a nice logo for your Telegram channel. I will tell you to give a good logo because it will give your channel a more professional mark.
  • Then Click on the right button
  • Now you will see your contact numbers in front of you. If you want to send a request to someone on your channel then select them and press or skip the right button.
  • Done! Your Channel is Opened.

You can share your channel from here if you want. Because if you don't share your telegram channel, you won't know about your telegram channel.

Telegram channel is not like a YouTube channel, it will go to people by itself. 

In telegram channels, you have to manually share with people. You can easily earn money from the telegram channel if you want. 

 If you work well at Telegram Channel, you too can earn 1000 a month.

If you want to know how to earn 1000 1000 per month from the Telegram channel then read this article of mine.

Ending Part

After following this article you created a telegram channel. Now your responsibility is to make this telegram channel much bigger. Because if you don't make your channel bigger then no one will know about your telegram channel. To promote your telegram channel you can use 100+ High DA PA Profile Backlink website list.

I have tried my best in the article to open the Telegram channel for you. I hope you loved my article.

Now, you can create a channel on telegram.

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