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Top 5 Less Competition Blog Niches List

profitable blogging niche

Profitable niches + High Traffic + NO Content + No SEO

If you are looking for a profitable, best blogging niches to get ranked on Google easily, then this article is only for you. 

Today in this article I will tell you the top 5 most profitable great niche Blogging niches Idea List 2020 to rank, and earn money easily.

Before creating a blog,

So let’s start.

Top 5 Profitable niches -  Overview

If you want to earn money from blogging, then you might pick a topic. Because it is easy to rank your website if you select great blog topics.

You know that this 2020 time, there is lots of competition on Google ranking. Because of choosing the high competition niche choosing.

It will help you to make money online.

But if you can find a good niche that has no competition, even there is no article on Google and also there is much traffic with high CPC; 

then you just don’t need to write any quality article.

Also you don’t need to do any SEO like a popular blog. By doing normal SEO and normal article, you will rank on the 1st page on google.

Do you want to know the niches? If yes, then see my full article.

Today, in this article, I will tell you about the top 5 profitable blogging niches that have 0 competition and also the target audience.

These niches have high CPC and don’t need high SEO.  

Also to get some extra earning, you can use Amazon affiliate marketing to earn more.

(Amazon Affiliate program will increase your earning)

I will guide you properly.

·       All the niches have High Traffic
·       All the niches have low competition

·       The niches have High Demand to the General Mass

·       All the niches are Google Adsense friendly. (You can     monetize your blog to Adsense on them) 
·       To rank this niches, you need little SEO
·       You can earn from Amazon, Flipcart, Daraz affiliate too by choosing a blog niche.
·       You don’t need to write High-quality content. It can be medium quality
·       You don’t need to write much Content

So, let’s start the niches list.

Before starting this article I would like to tell you that, These niches are really hidden. 

These are rare to get. But I am telling you at free of cost.

So, please share this Article.

Top 5 Profitable Blogging Niches List

Number – 1

Bank IFIC Code, Swift Code, IBAN Code, MICR Code

To start this type of blog you just need to take a sheet from your government websites. Then your blog content is complete.

This type of the blog has high traffic. Because many YouTubers and bloggers need Bank IFIC Code, Swift Code, IBAN Code, MICR Code on time to time.

They get payment from the international method. So they need this code.

The best way to find these codes is through Google Search.

Now, if your blog gets ranked on any bank’s codes then it is sure that you will get high traffic from Google. 

To me, it is the easiest work for bloggers. Because you just don’t need to write an article.  

You just need to put the article which is in the RBI sheet. All the websites doing this. 

There is a sufficient website this gives these types of codes. You can start your blog on codes on any local banks.

Number 2

Deals and offers

All the companies in the world give some discounts and offers and deals. But there are some sufficient people who don’t know about these. So they just directly buy the product at a high price.

But you know the offers. Then you can just do two things that are affiliate and AdSense. IF you are doing this type of blog, then you might get the affiliate.

Besides you can make money from telegram at home.

But there is a matter that, there are many bit bloggers they also give this type of offers. Now how can you rank?

The answer is you just don’t need to give offers of many big companies like – Godaddy, Amazon, Flipkart, Daraz, Namecheap. You can get an affiliate from the small companies. You can use your local company affiliate. 

Your keywords will be like – Best deals of * company, Best offer, Top etc.

By doing this, you can earn more profit. Because small companies give much money for their affiliate compare to the big companies.

Number 3

News Website

You might hear some news websites like- timesofindia.  This news websites just earn a lot. Because Google Adsense gives the most priority to the news website.

On a news website, you can write an article on any trending topic. You know that the trending topics are the most searched for the general mass.

So many organic traffic could be earned by you if you use to make a news website. I know that the news website has some hard work to do.

But the result of the news website is too good. You can publish your news website to Google News.

Then you can see that you will get organic traffic to your website.

The ranking of the news website is so fast. Because they work on the trending topic. I had a news website in the past.

There I had 500+ daily unique visitors per day. But due to low team members and time I had to delete the website.

Whatever, you can use many powerful ad networks like – MGID, Taboola ads.  These ad networks will make you’re earning double. Also, these best Adsense alternatives are supported by the news website.

And you can get a good amount of revenue. 

For the news website, WordPress is the best. Because WordPress has many plugins that make the website many attractive and beautiful.

Number -4

HD Wallpaper

If you have a mobile phone or computer or laptop, you might even search on Google for HD wallpaper.

There are many people who have to change their wallpaper daily. So they just search it on google.

The best part of this HD Wallpaper Share website is – people follow many of the websites to get wallpapers. If you make HD wallpapers daily, I guarantee you will get 1000+ daily visitors to your blog. As they change their wallpaper daily.

The best part types of the website are there is no hard work.

But there is also a bad thing. That is AdSense revenue. The CPC rate of AdSense for image website is very low.

The CPC the rate for the wallpaper website is $0.1 – $0.3.

But don’t worry, the wallpaper website has too much demand. So, your website revenue will be high compared to some other high CPC websites…

Number 5

Customer care numbers

You might use any mobile, sim, laptop, or any other company product. Then you need the customer care number of them.

When you need these numbers you just search it on google. Then you get the numbers through any site.

To make this type of website you must have the database of customer care number.

The specialty of this type of website is you don’t need to do any SEO. Also, you don’t need to write any content. Without SEO and without content your website gets ranked easily.

Your article should contain the number of customer cares.

Your article will get ranked automatically.

Remember, you must not do scam. Because when visitors find their queries the site gets ranked as compared to the other site.

Final thoughts

The niches I told you, all of them really tested. You can work these niches easily. If you have no skills and no ideas and don’t know SEO and don’t want to write any content, then these niches are the best solution for you. You don’t need to work hard for these websites.

OH! This article is Part – 1.
Notice -

 The part-2 of top 5 profitable niches no SEO, no content is coming soon.

Please Share this article with your friends, if this article helped you in any case.

Also, comment me below if you need part – 2.

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