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How To Become A Content Writer in 2020 and Get Jobs Be{Step by Step Process} | Beginner Guide

How To Become A Content Writer 2020
How To Become A Content Writer
Imagine, you are thinking about something and your work is writing the though in word. In other words, write your thoughts on your computer or PC. This is the work of a Content writer.

Hello Friends, welcome to TecFury. Today let’s talk about How To Become A Content Writer and How To Get Jobs in Content Writing. Also we will know about the salary, job offer, potential, future, blogging for a content writer.

So, let’s start.

What is Content Writing?

Content means information about something in words. And content writing means writing about something.

Suppose, I have a product. Now to sell the product I have to describe the product. So, I need to write all the positive facts about the product.

I have to describe the production facilities in words. And the work is Content writing. And the man who does the content writing work is a content writer.

As I am writing this article, I am a content writer too.

How Much Does A Content Writer Make?

There is a lot of potential for a content writer.


The reasons is, many industries (maybe you or me) now creating their products and selling them to have a good profit. So, to sell the product you have to write some good of the product attractively.

Because the customers need to know about the product. And it is a type of promotional strategy.

Now the salary of a content writer depends on their skill and experience level.

If you have high skill and long time experience then you can earn up to $5000 - $10000 per month. Now you might understand the demand for a quality content writer.

But Most of the time, you will get salary according to your experience level.

Let’s see the actual salary of a content writer in a Screenshot. 

content writer salary
Content Writer Salary

How to start Content Writing as a beginner?

If you want to be a content writer and you are a beginner, then remember that You have to write an article on your thought.

In easy words, You have to write a Blog.

Now, the question is………..

What is Blog?

what is blog
what is blog

Blog means a piece of article about any topic. In a blog, the topic should be described in depth.

Let’s see practical.
1.     At first, Search on Google on any topic. In my case, I am searching “How to Stay Healthy”.how to stay healthy
2.     Now Google shows you top 10 results.
3.     Click on any of the results.
4.     Now see the article. The article is called “Blog
5.     Google will not write the content. Anyone would write about the topic.
6.     Who writes the article, is a Blogger.

A blogger gives  in-depth information on any of topic.

It is not essential to have a blog only is English. You can get a Result in many languages. BUT Google Officially support these languages –

Spanish (Latin American)
Slovenian *
Estonian *
Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simplified)
 Want Proof???

Check it –
adsense supported languages

You can manually check it, click here

Where to make a Blog?

Web Hosting

We all are in the world. The world has many Countries and there have many places.

Now if you want to build a house, then what should you do?

You should buy a piece of land. Just like that, the world is the internet.
And the land you bought, that is called “Web-Hosting
The internet is a virtual world. And your website is the land of the internet.

Now the hosting will host your website. If you upload any article, image or video, the whore content will store in Web hosting.

Remember You Have to pay some money per month to host your website.


IF you bought a land, then you have to build a house. And you need o give a name to your house. For, websites, the name of your website is called “Domain.”

Just like house name, it is domain name. But you need to buy a TLD (Top Level Domain) Name. Like-

Can we make a website for Free?

Suppose you are a beginner. You Might not have any project or any work. Then why would you waste your money in buy a domain and hosting


Because Google provides you with a free platform where you will get a free domain, hosting, overall give you an opportunity to make a website for free for the Content Writers.

The platform is, a product of Google. Blogger provide you

1.     Free Domain (With Extention
2.     Free Hosting
3.     Free website
4.     Free Theme

But, now if you are doing a project or you already know to blog then you need WordPress.

But as a beginner, you should stay blogger and make some practice to improve your skill and experience and to make ready your woe sample.

So, you can create a free website on Blogger.

Which Topic Should I Write?

Suppose someone told you to tell you about something. Now you can able to say if you have knowledge or interest it. Otherwise not.

So, the topic is called Niche. You have to select a Niche; before starting a content writing job or blogging. Because if you don’t have any knowledge and interest on a topic, you can’t write an in-depth article of 4000-5000 words.

Suppose you have a great interest in any of topic. You can write a long article on that. You need to choose the topic. It is called niche selection.

How to Find a Profitable Niche?

At first, understand what is a profitable niche.
Profitable niche means a niche people search more on google. In other words, the niche that has a high demand that is called a profitable niche.  

To find profitable niche –
-        You can search on google “Profitable Blogging Niches
-        Google will show you 10 results. You can check them and select according to your interest.

-        [Pro Tip] – You can the blog Top 5 Profitable blogging niches 

How do I Get a Job in Content Writing?

at first just increase and improve your skills and develop your writing. At least you should improve your skill for 2 months. And then you need to apply your skills to get paid or to earn money.

There are a few steps to make money from content writing Jobs. They are –

   Make a Portfolio

Suppose one of your uncles asked you “what do you do?” And you replied to him “standup comedy”. Then the uncle will ask you “Which video do you have in standup comedy?”

Portfolio means a Proof of your work. In other words, all the sample of your work.

So If you did any work, you might make a showcase of the work. So that anyone could see your work.

If you are doing content writing you need a portfolio. You need a portfolio website. You can create a portfolio website in blogger too.

Also in freelancing websites, the sellers make their portfolio of work like content writing. They write about their work, experience, sample, ability etc. so that people could know about you and you work.

For example –
                       [upwork portfolio]
Here you can see the man is telling about him, his work and his work experience. Also, he wrote about his talent, popular projects, work history, skills.

This is a portfolio. You can create a portfolio like this.

upwork content writer portfolio

    Create a Social Network/ Social Proof / Social Trust

Social Network
Social Network

Imagine you are buying a product in amazon. Surely, before you buy a product, you check the reviews of the product, the stars of the product, the speciality of the product.


Because you want to buy a good product and you don’t want to waste your money.  

Just like that you are a product. And Before hiring you anyone will research you to see your profile. What and how you did your works. If someone sees your Quality Content and your talent, then he will definitely try to hire you.

To make social Network, you can use Quora. [Recommended]

Many beginners as a content writer like you got their first job from Quora. It is really a great platform for everyone. In this platform, people ask their question and some people give the answer to their question.

If you are starting a content writing job then you just simply find the questions related to content writing, and give them a quality answer.

When you give a quality answer to the questions, you will get more and more views and upvotes on your answer.

 If you get more and more upvote and views, your answers will be the top of all answers. Surely, if your answer got the top position of any popular answer, then you will catch the eye of every people.

And they will contact you and make you hire for their work. This is a great platform to get work for a content writing job.

    Join Facebook Community

In Facebook, many groups are available where the people hire the other people for their work. Like – Digital marketing, Content writing, Blogging, SEO etc groups.

Now, you need to make a profit from them.

You just simply join about 30+ content writing groups. On those groups, people hire content writers, every day for their website. You just go and comment there “I am interested in this job”.

And they will contact you. When they contact you, at first you just show them Your Portfolio. It will increase by 30% more chance to get the work.


Linkedin is really a good platform to find jobs. If you are interested to get content writing jobs, just simply apply them.

But the question is, How Can I get content writing jobs from LinkedIn?

The answer is very simple. Follow these steps-
-        Create a LinkedIn Account and Go to The “Jobs” section
-        Now write Content Writer and search.
-        You will get a few Jobs on it.

    Register On The Marketplace Websites

There are many popular marketplace websites in the world. They are-

In this websites many people hire content writers. So you just go to the websites and register on them.

After registering on those websites; add your portfolio. After that, when a buyer sees your profile, he will hire you.

But to get orders on those websites, you need ratings of some buyers.

Now the question is “How can I get a good rating on the marketplace websites?

The answer is work for free.

At the beginning of the websites, make an offer to the buyers and tell them; “I will write content for your website for free but please give me 5 stars

If you do this, you will definitely get a response from them. And they will hire you and you work for them for only rating.

When you get a good amount of rating them charge for your work.

Don’t worry. You will get work.

Because, when you get a good amount of rating, your profile rank on the marketplace website. So when any buyer search “content writing”, they will see your profile at the top page.

[It is a Top secret method……]

    Start Contacting Small Startups

Start finding those people who have started blogging with a small startup in Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn.

Then give them a proposal to hire you and you will no charge for that. Do work for them for free. But request them to you a good rating in marketplace websites and social media profile.

When you complete one’s work, he will refer you to another. This will be a circle.

And it will make your community

Wrapping Up!     

I tried to tell to step by step process to become a content writer and to get a content writing job. Remember that content writing is not a copy paste work. 

It a work of your brain and talent. 

If you don't want to wait long time to make money from content writing then my suggestion is to make your own blog. 

If you make your own blog then you can monetize you blog with Googe Adsense. So that you can easily get monetized and earn a lot. 

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